We've Sold Together...Now It's Time To Close Together

“I want to thank you very much for representing us in the sale of our house.
You went above and beyond. You have very good understanding of real estate
law, and you protected our interest very well.”


– Irina Leibmann, Home Seller
626 Suffolk Ave, Westchester IL

If anyone tells you the closing process is complicated simply doesn’t know it as well as we do.

Steve and Tia Hattan

Owners, HomeOwners Advantage and The Paralegals, Inc.

Save Money

We sold together now let’s close together – and we’ll pay half your listing feeReal estate closings used to be complicated…about a thousand transactions ago.  As real estate paralegals we have a tremendous amount of experience in every aspect of a real estate closing – title, deeds, closing docs, surveys, issues, etc. Stick with us to the end and we’ll gladly pay half of your listing fee.

Important Disclaimer

We’re are not attorneys. Instead we’re real estate paralegals with a tremendous amount of experience involving real estate closings.  We do not give legal advice. Instead, we work on behalf of some of the best local real estate attorneys as independent personal assistants.  Only the licensed attorney we partner with will attend the actual closing and give legal advice.

Legal Service Overview

Contract Review

The chances are the contract review has already been completed (since we just completed the contract) but a second pair of eyes never hurts. Together, with your attorney, we’ll double and triple check the paperwork to make sure you are very well protected and nothing is missed.  We’ll also review and talk about Inspection Issues.

Home/Condo Association?

If you pay association fees then you’re in an association and additional steps will be required.  Each association is individually researched so nothing is missed and time lines are met. It is very important to note that up front fees should be anticipated and not everything can be paid during the closing.  We’ll discuss this in full.

Inspection Issues

Your buyer will conduct a home inspection as part of their due diligence to move forward with the purchase of your property.  Within five business days, your attorney and I will receive an inspection request (along with the pertinent pages in the inspection report) from the buyer’s attorney. Once received we’ll discuss the request, what your options are and how to respond.

This isn’t the first time I’ve sold a house but it’s definitely the first time it’s been so smooth and efficient.  So much time was saved having you handle the closing.  You really did a nice job, thank you!

George Cimbala

Home owner, 7 Commons Dr. Palos Park, IL

Property Survey

The contract you’ve agreed to requires you provide a survey that is not more than six months old.  As part of the closing service this will be taken care of and payable at closing.  Your attorney will review the survey and discuss any issues that may arise.  Be sure to let us know if you have your old survey, it could save a few dollars.

Doc Prep and Closing

Closing documents must be exact, precise and, most importantly, accurate.  Both your attorney and our staff will create, review and double check that everything is correct before the closing takes place.  At the closing your attorney will guide you through the paperwork and you’ll officially transfer ownership to the excited new home owner.

Clearing Title

Before you can transfer ownership to the buyer you must pay your mortgage, real estate taxes, and other items associated with your property. You may also have to perform certain tasks.  Once we have ordered and received the title to your property we’ll figure out what we need to do and make sure everything is addressed appropriately.  This is where the attorney really earns their money.


Remember...We'll Pay Half Your Listing Fee!

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